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Rotronic 12.02.1086 Driver

xD two sides is over? a sort of admirer of Hitler? jajajaja A demon that lives large in a mega mansion surrounded by luxury and to hang Nazi documentaries swallows LOL Typical Ben

xD Anyway, I found it highly suspicious that you have not set eyes red or some other color, usually the first thing the demons do to apply is to do the trick the eye, indeed, can not remember a demon, or one who has not done, not even the male demon Sam appeared to last at crossroads (which is the last we saw of its kind in the series) ... And well, however with Crowley has not happened. Returns to suspect ... Especially if it together with other detailsfor example ...
"That anger has gotten the Winchis before disappearing for some reason I found almost military-style paternalistic Zach, until reminded me a little Dean Gabriel throwing the anger in the capital 8 voice up that way ... "His modus operandi
and that love for the Nazis ... me too angelic (\u0026lt;-sends SPN webos that this sentence makes sense xD) ... "That is resentful
talking about Lucifer ... "That Meg
mention saying" You do not know Crowley ": / " And especially the fact that in the end nothing has remained unclear whether these people sent as a trap or for reasons of survival of their race defended ... In fact, it seems obvious that it was not pCastiel has been, others are no better than just pockets of pus, as I said Crowley.

"I was a child ... One brother ... a younger brother like you. And he had an older brother that I wanted ... When he idolized, in fact. And one day I went to him and begged him I would support. ... Miguel Y Miguel turned on me, I said it was a monster and began to kick me. Only pq I was different, because I thought for myself. "
celestial siblings should communicate even less than my mother Winchis pq, Lucifer really is a terrible image of what Michael thinks of him and did what he did pq. That even might be that Michael was such a miserable uncompromising but something tells me that his view of the matter is going to be a pdespising or badly xD xDDDDDD I love, love, love, and although in principle would only physical and sexual relationship morbid acknowledge that, as I mentioned before last, I'd love to turn Castiel came Meg, to open eyes to what Lucifer is doing with his kind. Do not forsake his evil nature, pq that is impossible, but that both characters would be cool affect how good they are opposites. It would be no future relationship (pq obviously there is no way that Meg was completely pass Cas good side or bad side) but it would be the typical pattern that I like that could result in something sick and morbid
* * _ * She already rides one your movies
No, but seriously, aperosnajes a relationship between two well-run and would be interesting even if they were three details were not fully developed, it is unfortunate that there are too many fans of Cas and Dean (* * self-criticism) and probably do not like hair that ends with an interest Cas loving plan even in dirty and not particularly romantic ... But ains, so I would be cool ... , __;

And along with Meg, the actress has been great in this chapter, still remember the old too, but I'm beginning to think it is even beneficial to the character. Many people will not agree with me, but if you press me to say it's better than the old Meg Meg. Nicki Aycox was very good, and it was wonderfully bad but it was less ... vulgar ... and I think the persons and the other people do, but in my opinion is better or worst actress, this new Meg makes the character more justice, more closely reflects the essence that has always tried to capture it. And to top it has managed to capture my attention Meg! It is an achievement considering that I always was a hell of a flat, empty character.

Luci, Cas, photograph, address ... etc. Instead

Luci and Cas have not told me anything special, ie, the two actors have been great and definitely have some chemistry but I was expecting something more of this scene has been quite short and have not said anything again. At least the setting and the picture was perfect. This capital has been very, very well managed in general. The scene of the reapers has been the scene more yuyu SPN has given me from .. ufff from the girl 3x02 Chapter ... and above what has been visually coolest. The whole chapter has been incredible in this sense, the visual ideas were perfect:
"The reapers meet as a great catastrophe is coming, all dressed like undertakers and looking at that same site as gone ... cool.
"That aerial shot of the crossroads" modern "for centuries and centuries swear we did not have one of those (an aerial shot I mean, this season has more money or yes ... not much, but hey, more the fourth is ...)
-The invisible hellhounds black blood splash when they shoot ... and encouraging hellhound Ellen's face ufff that bad feeling that give these mutts ... "The demons falling
swoon one after another to Lucifer.

    Ellen / Jo

and Jo Ellen .... ains ... did not want to get to this part ... but I have to comment on it? sniff not remember the last time I cried so with a chapter of SPN, and has much merit for several reasons. It seemed, in principle, totally anticlimactic bringing back two characters from the second exchange, I knew they were likely to die, or at least one of them pq there were not many more options and was convinced that a death would not affect me too, I mean, I love Ellen, the love of truth and Jo at the endrme of truth "and Dean stops and looks at her and, almost as if he saw the face, kissing on the lips just ;___________;!!! God, please cutest thing. I've never been particularly partisan of Dean / Jo but I think it is the tender scene that Dean has never had a girl in SPN. I think Dean really in that final scene may have realized too late how much he cared about Jo, or rather what could have been but was not; __;

But even so with all that excited me most were the scenes between mother and daughter. Ellen decides to die with her pq is obviously incapable of leaving her daughter and * is teary eyes remember * What mother would be able to put her daughter in that situation? was absolutely CHT MLXC cruel that before his death came to see her dead daughter, who desperately sad scene indeed, there should be nothing in the world more horrible than seeing a dead child ... The two actresses were more than superb throughout the scene. As I did mourn. This goes directly to the head of the most epic list of deaths in the whole series, and that is why I forgive that reintroduce them into the plot a little too late ... pq have deigned to give them the middle of a chapter as important as this. [info] Sam / Dean Sam and Dean in this chapter I have liked a little more than what they were liked in the past. I still think that their relationship goes a little too tight and the conciliarOverall

AI LOFIU BEN !!!!!!!!! (Had to say, I had not said in all the input you desire please xDDD) The capital has got until you regain faith in the riders ... The angel of death ... Is it just a name or that mean that the riders are angels? Fit taking into account that always seem to be the ones responsible for the punishment and destruction in the Bible ... The only thing I have not molado is the end ... or rather the non-final ... you stay a little with the feeling that the chapter just short of the best, but hey, as capital is a "cliffhanger" before a blind eye will break ...

And finally I want to stay with the desire to say ... CHTM LXC I'm a little wearily and the stupidities that are released in this fandom about sexism as a team and always end up killing the female characters. No. No, fuck no, this is not so. Some use of cabezita sure you know who to tell. In this series all die, any secondary important means sooner or later, whether man or woman dies. What happens is that the damn 80% of the supporting cast of this series

ARE WOMEN. Of course the end result will be more deaths of women than men. It
We have a squad that is mostly male protagonist so to balance almost always end up introducing feminine side and yes, eventually die, because like everyone, ista series pounds you have no tail, how silly.


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